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Founder of  

HAUTEFoodie | Social + Lifestyle Catering | Los Angeles, CA

Fit KITCHN. | Healthy Meal Delivery | Orange County, CA 

TRUFFL. | Social Catering | Scottsdale, AZ

I have two passions, food + photography. 

Growing up I was constantly around my grandmother in her kitchen, so my love of food couldn’t have flourished in a better or easier place. I come from an old school Italian family. We eat and we eat well.

I loved cooking with her and I practiced everyday until—one day—I finally made something edible! From blue food dye to undercooked eggs, my grandma sampled everything I put in front of her with delight, or at least she pretended to. She had such a way with things… it wasn’t  just a meal, it was a presentation, it was an experience, and it was a story.

Somewhere in the midst of fresh seafood, rolled gnocchi and thousands of diminutive vanilla bean seeds; I had discovered my calling. My desire fueled my determination and I opened a restaurant in Southern California at the age of 22. From there I decided to expand, and with a lot of love and tremendous hard work, HAUTEFoodie | Social + Lifestyle Catering was born. 

People often ask me why I do what I do and my answer remains the same: "no matter what your palate desires, we all have food in common. I love what I do and believe food has the ultimate power to bring people together".